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OpenSSA: Small Specialist Agents for Industrial AI.

Small, Fast, and Knowledgeable with Your Domain Expertise.
Tackle complex industrial challenges. Without vendor lock-in.

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OpenSSA is for


Leverage AI in your specific industrial context with much lower computational resources requirements than LLMs.

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AI Researchers

Create efficient, robust, and domain-specific, knowledge-based AI models for industrial-grade applications.

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Democratize industrial AI and contribute to a project focused on building and sharing specialized AI models.

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Apply your domain knowledge to tackle problems, with the reliability of AI solutions in an industrial setting.

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Why OpenSSA?

SSM Architecture

SSMs comprise three key components: a front-end Small Language Model (SLM),
an adapter layer in the middle, and a wide range of back-end domain-knowledge sources.

Small Language Model (SLM)

SLM is a small, efficient, domain-specific model. It forms the frontend of an SSM. It can be compacted from a larger model.

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Multiplexing Adapters

Adapters (eg. LlamaIndex) provide the interface between the SLM and the domain-knowledge backends.

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Domain-Knowledge Backends

Support for a wide range of text files, documents, PDFs, databases, code, knowledge graphs, models, other SSMs, etc.

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SSMs communicate in both unstructured (natural language) and structured APIs, catering to a variety of real-world industrial systems. The composable nature of SSMs allows for easy combination of domain-knowledge sources from multiple models.

A rich ecosystem to emerge of
high-value, specialized AI systems.

“Specialization is crucial for quality .. not general purpose Al models”
—Eric Schmidt,Schmidt Foundation
.. small models .. for a specific task that are good
—Matei Zaharia,Databricks
.. small agents working together .. specific and best in their tasks
—Harrison Chase,Langchain
.. small but highly capable expert models
—Andrej Karpathy,OpenAI
.. small models are .. a massive paradigm shift .. about deploying AI models at scale
—Rob Toews,Radical Ventures
Humans impacted
Damascus, Syria
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